Riverbend Garden

We are so excited to announce a hidden gem we have just discovered here in New Plymouth. The Riverbend Garden offers the perfect setting for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception. This year-round enchanted garden has so much to offer sitting on acres of land in the serene countryside.

In just a few months this wonderful captivating garden will be surrounded with vibrant aromatic flowers and lush green foliage. Even on the hot summer days with the sun beating through, you will be able to find plenty of shaded areas for your guests.

Imagine walking through the garden hearing sounds of plants rustling in the wind, birds chirping from tree to tree and streams flowing alongside you. Bright colourful flowers everywhere you look and your dearest friends and family all together to celebrate your big day.

Want to see it for yourself? Feel free to stop on by during the Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival from 26th October – 4th November 2018.