All things 'Marquee'

Ever wondered how a marquee is installed?  It may seem easy and you may think ‘ its just a large tent’ how hard can it be?

A marquee is an engineer designed semi permanent structure with a very specific set of requirements to be compliant with government regulations and a definite order in which they are to be installed.  At Dobson’s Marquee and Party Hire Ltd we use only New Zealand designed and manufactured marquees which we have installed by our HIANZ (Hire Industry Association of New Zealand) trained marquee riggers, to ensure the marquees always adhere to our own health and safety policies.

Not all marquees are created equal. Within our own range we have Alispan, Clipframe, Electron, Fete Stall and custom made marquees. All of our marquees are engineer designed to suit different situations.

Frame marquees:  Frame marquees don’t have centre poles and can be installed on a large variety of surfaces i.e. grass, tennis courts, asphalt, concrete etc. This versatility makes them a very popular option. They come in a range of widths 15m, 10m, 5m and 3m and can have modules added to make them up to whatever length best suits the function.

Electron marquees:  Otherwise known as “Peg and Pole” marquees have a traditional look to them with centre poles running down the middle of the marquee to give it that old world “peaked” look. These marquees need to be installed on grass and can turn a lawn or paddock into the perfect function venue. Electron marquees also come in a range of widths 12m, 9m and 6m and can have modules added to make them up to whatever length best suits the function.

There is a raft of things to consider when thinking about a marquee. Aside from things like size and look you also have to consider where the marquee will be installed for the surface and the wind, check for underground and overhead services, apply for building consent and even security. This is where Dobson’s experience makes a big difference; we know all the pitfalls and can ensure your function stays as stress free as possible.