The 'B' Word

'Keeping it Cost Effective'

Budget:  Money can be the major factor in planning your wedding.  You may have been saving for your dream wedding for years and have a’wedding account’ already so that you don’t have to worry where the money is coming from.  You may have a mortgage and other financial commitments and therefore don’t have a ‘wedding fund’, but are already starting to worry about paying for the wedding. You may also  have parents who want to contribute to your day, or you might want to pay for it all yourselves. Whatever your circumstances we are happy to help!

No matter how big or small your budget may be, we are happy to help make suggestions that suit you on where you can save money.  We will suggest the ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Don’t need to Haves’ when planning your wedding.  There are a few key elements that make a wedding come together and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here  a few top tips from our Team!

  • Reduce the number of guests, don’t feel like you have to invite everyone!  Keep to your nearest and dearest.  Have a small intimate wedding that is done well, and it wont break your budget if you just concentrate on what is important to you. Ben – Assistant Manager
  • Find a private venue where you can setup a small marquee, you can bring your own alcohol and not be restricted by the costs that licensed venues charge. You’ll also have the marquee the whole weekend to enjoy with family and friends after the wedding day.  Jenny – Managing Director
  • Don’t take on too much DIY!  Keep it simple- stick to a few key elements for the decorations and do it well.  Katherine – Floral Stylist
  • Concentrate on your bridal bouquet being beautiful and exactly what you want.  Stick to the bridesmaids having something simplistic.  It will still look gorgeous and keep the $$ down for you!  Katherine –  Floral Stylist
  • Have a later ceremony.  Don’t have a sit down formal meal, instead have a formal hour with cocktails and speeches, then  hit the dance floor for a night of fun.  Jenny – Managing Director
  • Get all your products from one hire company!  You wont be doubling up on freight costs and more than likely you will get a great package deal!  Ben – Assistant Manager

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